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(Here is some of my results and one of my recent partners who took my training and her position in AIS serious, got to work & got results for herself!  The business works if you work it!!!)
A Great Unsolicited Email I Received From "ALL IN" Partner, Tracey Jones...
(unfortunately the screenshots were too small to post...)

"I have set up my lead capture pages, and inputted forms of payment, want to do more. I have been going through the products. Just watching you and your training is getting my head where it needs to be. I appreciate how you cut out the fluff.

Your training alone is worth the investment!

This is so going to help me with marketing my real estate business. You should really consider being an (independent) marketing consultant as well, you have the skill set to help offline businesses take their businesses online. ☺
I watch ALL your videos. I listen to ALL the trainings. I am completely set up in the back office. You have totally helped me with mindset. When I chose you, I did because I knew if I observed you and your way of doing things I would have exactly what I need to have more clarity."